NY Fashion Week Show Production

In collaboration with artists, musicians, and other creatives, I directed and produced the Spring/Summer 2018 NY Fashion Week show at a venue in Brooklyn.

This immersive experience was shared with a room full of fashion industry press, retailers, and community members.

At the sound of the bell, on the eve of a full moon, 16 women wearing the Spring/Summer 2018 collection gathered for a performance of choreographed movements and spoken word. 

The choreography, music, set, and wardrobe were designed collectively as an exhibition and celebration of all forms of femininity and our pursuit of connection to others and to ourselves. The collection addresses the feminine stereotypes of, and explores variations on, DIY and craft techniques for multi-functional, inclusive wearables.

This collection was featured in a campaign shot by Nikki Krecicki on Vogue.com.

Creative Direction, Production & Design: Mary Kahle 
Assistant Production & Design: Michelle Rushton, Megan Ruiter
Set Design: Erin Lynn Welsh
Styling: Alison Mazur
Makeup: Bunny and Niagra Lampert
Hair: Yuhi Kim
Jewelry: Soo Kim
Sound: Tiffany Yoon and Jason Kelly
Choreography: Renata Perriera Lima
Spoken Word: Jasmine Nyende
Photography: Max Mikulecky, Hunter Fletcher, Creigh Lyndon

Worn by:
Adrienne Herr
Alexandra Jacob
Becca Warzer
Bretagne Allen
Frances Li
Jasdeep Kang
Jasmine Nyende
Kirsten Paterson
LA Warman
Maya Aguayo Schmidt-Fend
Maya Laner
Renata Periera Lima
Sharleen Chidiac
Stacy Collado
Tierra Lee

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